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HO Freight Starter Set 4f Cont

HO Freight Starter Set 4f Cont

Ref: MK29538

29538 Train Set with a Large C Track Layout, Transformer and DELTA Control 4f.

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 86 tank locomotive, 3 freight cars and 2 passenger cars. Model: Locomotive comes with a DELTA electronic circuit. TELEX couplers for remote control uncoupling from the cars anywhere on the layout. 1 no. 4410 boxcar, 1 no. 4440 tank car, 1 no. 4459 stake car, 2 passenger cars, 14 no. 24130 curved track, 9 no. 24172 straight track, 9 no. 24188 straight track, 1 no. 24671 curved turnout, 1 no. 24672 curved turnout. 1 DELTA Control 4f (locomotive controller) that can be used to control up to 4 locomotives (with built-in DELTA electronic circuit) individually. Feeder wire set. 32 VA transformer with step less speed control and connections for electric accessories. Illustrated instruction book with numerous tips and ideas. Can be expanded with the C Track extension sets or the entire C Track program. The turnouts can be retrofitted with the 74490 electric mechanism.

The transformer in these starter sets has connections for the track and for electric accessories.

Total Price$699.99

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