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Deluxe Freight Starter Set HO

Deluxe Freight Starter Set HO

Ref: MK00805

The locomotive is the 12X electric locomotive, an experimental locomotive operated by the German Railroad, Inc. as the class 128. This model is striking because of its high quality metal body. The headlights change over with the direction of travel from white (front) to red (rear).
A Delta Digital Decoder for multi-train operation or for the digital system is built in.
The Delta Digital Control Unit that comes with this set allows simultaneous and independent control of up to 4 locomotives. The locomotive can be switched to operate off catenary.
The modern, high capacity freight cars are typical for today's freight service. The stake car has pipe as a load.

The large K-Track oval includes two turnouts with a passing siding. K-Track has teh advantage of having flextrack in its program. If you would like to use K-Track together with C-track, you can buy track adapter track pieces. Particularly realistic layouts can be built with flex track for custom curves, below-baseboard turnout mechanisms, and ballasting for the track.

Total Price$259.95

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